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  Optical Metrology & Quality Control

OE devices consist of multilayer stacks, with a thickness ranging from a few to hundred nanometers, deposited by various processes (R2R printing, vacuum) onto flexible and rigid substrates. The major factor that affects the functionality of the deposited films and the OEs performance, are uniformity, composition, morphology, nano-separation and thickness. Thus, in-line and/or in-situ precision metrology and quality control of film deposition down to sub-nanometer scale is crucial for the process repeatability, and the performance and cost-effective manufacturing production.

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Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

OET is the world leader on developing and deploying In-line and In-situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE) in thin films precision metrology and OE production by R2R printing and vacuum. OET holds more than 30 years experience. In this field. SE is a powerful and robust, non- destructive optical metrology tool for the real-time monitoring of the key layer properties that affect device quality and performance (thickness, morphology, optical parameters, crystallinity, deposition rate and growth mechanisms) and process reliability.

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In-Line SE

OET delivers advanced In-line SE non-contact systems for the accurate real-time monitoring and quality control of R2R printing and Vacuum processes for manufacturing OPVs, OLEDs, and other OE devices.

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In-Line SE offers:

  • Layer Thickness Measurements
    • Thickness with sub-nanometer Resolution
    • Multilayer Thicknesses
    • Detection of Printing inhomogeneities & Defects
  • Optical Parameters Calculation
    • Band Gap Eg
    • Absorption Energies
    • Refractive Index
  • Mapping of Large Areas
    • Quality Assessment in Pilot lines (web speed up to 50 m/min, width 300-800 mm)
    • Processing & Monitoring in Controlled Atmosphere
    • Capability for Industrial Upscale
  • Advanced Modelling Procedures
    • Expert Analysis on OPV, OLED, OTFT, Biosensor, Barrier Materials

In-Situ SE

SE is a powerful non-destructive optical tool for the in-situ monitoring & quality control of thin film deposition using vacuum techniques. In-Situ SE offers:

  • Investigation of Growth Mechanisms:
    • Growth Kinetics
    • Oxidation Mechanisms
    • Interface Properties
  • Layer Thickness Measurements
  • Optical Parameters Calculation
  • Advanced Modeling Procedures

OET also provides the design and the efficient integration of In-line & In-situ Metrology Tools to production processes.



These in-line, in situ and real-time optical monitoring tools are patented by OET and installed in many R2R and vacuum systems for monitoring the production of film and multilayer growth.

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